Founded in 1978 by Harvey Williamson and Daniel Martin, HVAC is a company that specialises in building systems engineering (cooling and air treatment) in the institutional, commercial, and industrial sectors.

In order to always better serve their clientele, in 1980, HVAC acquires an ironwork workshop where it builds and assembles the specific components for its projects.

Always on the lookout for new avenues of expansion, in 1982, HVAC incorporated plumbing and specialised piping to its services.

HVAC’s expanding range of services is accompanied by a gradual increase in the number of employees and projects, which leads it, in 1991, to move into a new 13,500 sq.2 building.

In 1995, HVAC becomes a shareholder in the VIMOVAL INC. company with the objective of offering complete services without having to resort to other companies for cooling, preventive maintenance, troubleshooting, and HVAC services and controls.

Since the year 2000, there has been a transition in the shareholding of the company to let in some new associates. Trailblazers and precursors, the founders are conscious of the added value for their company of making some room for new actors who will bring in a new, more modern vision.

The expansion continues and soon, their current building is no longer sufficient to deal with the increasing clientele. Then, in 2009, HVAC acquires SPIRO MÉTAL and moves to new offices, larger and more adapted to the success of the company.

Led by an expert management team

The success of the company rests on a team of over 100 experienced and detail-oriented employees, made of ironworkers, pipeworkers, assemblers, drawers, foremen, project managers, estimators, and administrative personnel.

The HVAC company is skillfully led by an expert management team. It is made of administrators that preserve the development and ensure the prosperity of the company.

Martin Lesiège

Pierre Lévesque
Plumbing and Piping Director

Stéphane Robert
Estimation-Plumbing Director

Joel Perreault
Ventilation Director

Richard Perreault
Ventilation Director

Simon L’archevêque
Estimation-Ventilation Director


  • License of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ)

  • Prevention mutual Sélect ACQ/CSST
  • CMMTQ (Corporation de maître mécaniciens en tuyauterie du Québec)

  • CETAF (Corporation des entreprises en traitement de l’air et du froid)

  • ACQ (Association de la construction du Québec)

  • Contractor Check

  • Complyworks

  • Cognibox

  • Level of security – Federal government (TPSGC)
  • Certification de francisation – Office de la langue française


Because of its know-how, its ingenuity, its rigour and its ability to adapt properly to each large-scale project, HVAC INC was awarded many recognitions from the industry throughout the years.

  • ACQ trophy for specialised entrepreneur of the year 1999.
  • Maestria 2006, shortlisted in the category Commercial and Institutional for the west of Québec.
  • Maestria 2008, shortlisted in the category Industrial Project (1 million) for all of Québec.
  • Maestria 2008, shortlisted in the category Commercial and Institutional, 1 million and more project.
  • Maestria 2010, shortlisted in the category Realisation of the Year project over $500,000 for the MSO Concert Hall project.
  • Maestria 2018, shortlisted in the category Maestria Grand Prize.