Agribusiness, biotechnological production, research centres…

HVAC also offers sanitary and specialised piping services for research centres, agribusiness, biotechnological and pharmaceutical production such as:

  • PP, PVDF or stainless steel process drainage systems

  • PP and PVDF purified and osmosis-purified water systems

  • Infrared fusion jointing and fitting

  • Laboratory gas

  • MEPS

  • Gaz de laboratoires (air comprimé propres/azote/oxygène/co2/vacuum et autres)

  • Purified water systems, WFI, CIP, pure and processed sanitary type steam in stainless steel

  • Orbital welding

  • Production of isometric drawings

  • Prefabrication in workshop

  • Piping inspection, test and boroscopy

  • Pre-validation and validation documents

  • Repair, replacement, modification and maintenance of sanitary piping systems and their components